Go Geous adalah satu formulasi minuman yang menakjubkan hasil kombinasi pelbagai bahan yang amat penting untuk tubuh badan anda. Setiap satu sachet Go Geous membekalkan nutrisi yang penting dan membaik pulih sel-sel tubuh anda.

Go Geous diadun dengan bahan-bahan semulajadi dan suplemen terbaik. Go Geous adalah rahsia kesihatan tubuh badan menggunakan bahan semulajadi. Ia adalah produk kesihatan yang tiada tandingannya di pasaran.

Go Geous bertindak dengan sangat efektif daripada kandungannya:

1. PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (Swiss Apple Stem Cell)
2. Acai Berry
3. Ekstrak Pine Bark
4. Ekstrak Grape Seed
5. L-Arginine
6. Ekstrak Rousselot Collagen

Diperkaya dengan 6 campuran buah berri semulajadi

1. Strawberi
2. Bilberi
3. Raspberi
4. Elderberi
5. BlackcurrantRed Beet

Apa kata pakar?

"Having used Plant Stem Cell remedies in a clinical setting, with chronically ill individuals for the last 2 years, it is clear that these 100% organic embryonic plants possess immense power. Over the months, lab work values improve, function is reinstated, symptoms clear and life force returns. These Plant Stem Cell remedies have far-reaching applications, and in many forms of disease, with undeniable results in detoxification, regeneration and repair. This is true 'medicine of the 21st century'." - Dr. Claire Riendeau, ND, NMD, DiHom.

"Over time I discovered that these "Plant Stem Cells," a form of gemmotherapy (remedies made from very young and vibrant plant parts), are actually incredibly effective at detoxifying, regenerating, and healing damaged tissues and organs. I therefore encourage all naturopathic physicians, as well as other holistic doctors and practitioners, to take PSC's excellent courses on these remedies to see for yourself that botanical medicine can truly take it's place as an important and very curative aspect of your treatment armamentarium" - Dr. Louisa L. Williams, MS, DC, ND author of Radical Medicine.

"I have used the information to treat various conditions with great success already. I am looking forward to learning more, especially on how to approach cancer with the buds." -D r. Jessica Black, N.D.

Alamilah kehebatan tubuh anda dengan Go Geous.

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